Travel Provider Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions for JacTravel Limited t/a TotalStay
62-64 Chancellors Road, London W6 9RS Limited ("") is proud to be an independent agent to several Travel Providers including JacTravel Limited ("TotalStay").

Your booking is subject to both the Agency Terms of Business of and the Booking Conditions of JacTravel. This document summarises the Booking Conditions of JacTravel.

For the avoidance of doubt, each booking made is a separate booking, available separately at exactly the same price and is not a package.

Please ensure you have read, understand and accept both the Agency Terms of Business and the Booking Conditions set out below before finalising your booking.

Travel Provider Booking Conditions

1. Your Contract

The lead passenger on the booking must be at least 18 years of age, and must be authorised to make the booking on behalf of all members of the party.
The booking is confirmed and a binding contract comes into existence, only when has both:

issued a booking confirmation and reference on behalf of JacTravel and;
has received the payment required on booking.

The date of the contract is the date that appears on the confirmation.
Once the contract is made JacTravel is responsible to provide you with the accommodation booked, and you are responsible for providing payment to JacTravel via
The booking confirmation will identify the name and address of the accommodation, which you have booked.
Please check all details carefully and notify immediately of any discrepancies.
JacTravel reserves the right to cancel the booking if any balance due is not received by the due date. In that case you will be advised by email, and any cancellation charges will be applied.

2. Payment
You, the customer, are responsible for making all payments of the correct amount and on time to In the event that you have failed to pay all monies due on or in advance of arrival to the hotel, JacTravel reserves the right to seek payment directly from you.

3. Accommodation Descriptions
JacTravel takes every reasonable care to ensure that the information published about each hotel, villa, or apartment is accurate; however we cannot accept liability for errors or omissions in the descriptions. Facilities and amenities in accommodation may be temporarily unavailable for operational reasons, where this happens we will do our best to advise as soon as possible.

4. Changes
If you, the customer, wish to make an amendment to your booking the conditions that apply are as determined by in their Agency Terms of Business.
Occasionally JacTravel has to make changes to details both before and after bookings have been confirmed. Whilst we always try to avoid changes, JacTravel must reserve the right to do so. Most changes are minor. Occasionally JacTravel will have to make a more substantial change to the booking ("Significant Change") as defined below:

A change of accommodation to that of a lower official classification or standard for the whole or a majority of the stay booked;
A change of accommodation area for the whole or a major part of the time the customer is away;
The closure of the only or all advertised swimming pool(s) at the accommodation for an extended period in excess of 48 hours.

In event of a Significant Change JacTravel will notify you via as soon as possible and provided that there is time to do so before departure, you will be offered the following options:

Accepting the changed arrangements; or
Purchasing an alternative accommodation from us, of a similar standard to that originally booked if available (if the chosen alternative is less expensive than your original one, we will refund the difference but if it is more expensive, you, the customer will pay the difference); or
Cancellation of that booking only and refund of moneys paid against that booking only.

Please note, the above options are not available for changes other than Significant Changes and no payments will be made for any minor changes.
In all cases, the liability of both JacTravel and for Significant Changes is limited to offering you the customer, the above mentioned options.
No additional expenses, costs or losses will be recompensed, including but not limited to, cancellation costs on other bookings you may have made at the same time.

5. Cancellation
If you, the customer, wish to cancel your booking the conditions that apply are as determined by and set out in their Agency Terms of Business. If JacTravel cancels your booking you will be entitled to a refund of moneys paid against that booking only. No additional expenses, costs or losses will be recompensed, including but not limited to, cancellation costs on other bookings you may have made at the same time.

6. Complaints
JacTravel want you to enjoy your holiday and works closely with the actual hotels to ensure the highest standards of customer care. However, exceptionally issues might arise whilst you are at the hotel which are not to your satisfaction and in that instance it is imperative that you immediately notify the hotel management so that they have the opportunity to resolve the matter. In the unlikely event that the hotel management can not adequately address your concerns please notify JacTravel through the contact details noted on your accommodation voucher. If you wish to submit a formal complaint on your return home you can do so by writing to as our agent at the company address on the website. Please include your booking reference and a short statement of your grievances.
Please note that if you fail to seek a resolution whilst at the hotel as stated above your complaint will be dismissed and any compensation foregone.
Where your complaint relates to health & safety issues it is likely that JacTravel will seek a direct correspondence with you.

7. Accommodation(s)
Only those persons named at the time of booking, or subsequently advised, can occupy the accommodation(s). Should any damage be caused by you or any member of your party to the accommodation(s) or its contents, you will be required to arrange immediate reimbursement before the end of your stay.

8. Passports and Visa
All passengers must be in possession of a valid passport where required and, if necessary, a visa. It is the customer’s responsibility to meet the requirements of the countries they are visiting and we regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for costs incurred if you fail to be admitted to any country.

9. Health and Safety
JacTravel shall ensure that, at all times, the product, including, but not limited to, all accommodation(s), facilities, furniture and equipment, complies with all national, local, trade and other laws, regulations, rules and codes of practice (including those relating to health, safety, food, fire, security, planning and permits for the provision of hotel and holiday accommodation and the operation of a tourist establishment).
JacTravel warrants that they have in place a health & safety management system that includes inspections of properties to ensure compliance with the above.
With regards to your accommodation(s) there may be additional health consideration specific to that location, and we recommend you visit your doctor well before travelling to obtain advice. For further information, see